Given that my dog’s name is Freya, it’s pretty obvious that I’m a fan of using Norse mythology names for my pets. Below are some of my favorites, broken down into categories that make the most sense to me.

Technically, there are a lot more than 82 ideas on these lists since I included alternate spellings and names for the gods & goddesses. But I didn’t want to say “101 names,” then get a bunch of comments about how I can’t count since the numbered lists only add up to 82. 😀 Anyway, enjoy!

Pet Names Inspired by Norse Gods and Goddesses

Norse mythology has two main pantheons (or tribes, as they called them), the Aesir and the Vanir gods. This article by Dan McCoy (creator of Norse Mythology for Smart People) does a great job of explaining the differences. I didn’t break them down because I’m not as confident in my Norse mythology knowledge as I was with my Greek mythology names list.

  1. Baduhenna- goddess of war and storms
  2. Baldur (aka Baldr)- god of peace, love and beauty
  3. Beyla- goddess of earth
  4. Bil- goddess of the waning moon
  5. Bragi- god of poetry and knowledge
  6. Borr (aka Buri or Bur)- the first god ever, created by a giant cow
  7. Dellingr- this god is the personification of dawn
  8. Eir (aka Eira or Eyra)- goddess of healing
  9. Eostre (aka Ostara)- goddess of spring (Easter comes from her name)
  10. Forseti- god of justice
  11. Freyja (also spelled Freya)-goddess of fertility, love, beauty, and magic*
  12. Freyr- god of agriculture, life, prosperity and fertility
  13. Frigg (Frigg/Frygga)- also a goddess of love & fertility, as well as family
  14. Fulla (aka Volla)- goddess, but of what is unclear. **
  15. Gefjon (aka Gefion)- goddess of knowledge
  16. Gersemi- goddess of love
  17. Gerda- a fertility goddess
  18. Hariasa- goddess of war
  19. Heimdall- a guardian god of Asgard
  20. Hel- goddess of the dead
  21. Heremod- messenger god
  22. Hlina (aka Hlin)- goddess of protection
  23. Hodr (aka Hodur)-god (of what is unknown)
  24. Idun (aka Ithun, Idunna)- goddess of rejuvenation and spring
  25. Irpa- earth goddess
  26. Lofn (aka Lofe, Lofna)- goddess of marriage
  27. Loki- god of mischief
  28. Mani- god of the moon
  29. Mimir (aka Mim)- god of wisdom
  30. Nanna- goddess of joy
  31. Nerthus- an earth goddess
  32. Njord- god of sea and wind
  33. Njorun- another goddess of earth
  34. Odin- god of rulers (and ruler of Asgard himself)
  35. Ran- goddess of the sea and of death
  36. Sif- goddess of harvest and land
  37. Sigyn (aka Siguna)- an earth goddess
  38. Sunna (aka Sol)- goddess who personifies the sun
  39. Thor- god of thunder, war, and strength
  40. Tyr- god of war, victory, and glory
  41. Ullr-god of justice and winter
  42. Vili-god of earth

*Freya is also the goddess of war and death, oddly enough. Like my Pharaoh Hound with her name, she’s a contradiction in terms.

**There are a lot of theories about what Fulla was the goddess of. Some sources say she ruled over secrets. Others say that since her name means “bountiful,” she was a fertility goddess. All anyone seems to know for certain is that she WAS a goddess, and that she was a handmaiden to Frigg.

Norse mythology names are purr-fect for Norwegian Forest Cats!
Norse mythology names are purr-fect for Norwegian Forest Cats!

More Norse Mythology Names (from Creatures, Places, Etc)

From powerful creatures to the names of the realms and beyond, there are plenty of other Norse mythology names that sound great for pets.

  1. Aegit- a giant
  2. Ansuz- one of the runes, means prosperity and vitality
  3. Asgard- the heavenly realm (like Mount Olympus in Greek mythos)
  4. Audumbia- the giant cow that created Buri
  5. Berkanan- rune for “fertility”
  6. Bolthorn – giant and dad to Bestla, who married Buri’s son Bor.
  7. Fehu- rune that means “wealth”
  8. Fenrir- the giant wolf that will devour the gods when Ragnarok (the end) comes
  9. Brynhildr- Valkyrie, means “bright battle”
  10. Dokkalfar- dark elves
  11. Gebo- among others, this rune means “gift”
  12. Ginungagap – the abyss that existed before creation
  13. Goll- Valkyrie, means “tumult”
  14. Gungnir- Odin’s spear
  15. Herja- a Valkyrie whose name means “devastate”
  16. Hildr- Valkyrie, means “battle”
  17. Huggin- one of two ravens that helped Odin
  18. Huldra- a female creature and warden of the forest
  19. Jera- rune for “harvest”
  20. Jormungandr- the Midgard serpent, Fenrir’s brother
  21. Jötunheimr- home to the giants
  22. Kara- Valkyrie, means “wild”
  23. Laguz- the “chaos” rune
  24. Ljosalfar- light elves
  25. Midgard- the realm where we humans live
  26. Mjölnir- the name of Thor’s hammer
  27. Muninn- Odin’s other raven
  28. Nidhoggr- a dragon that’s munching away at the Yggdrasil
  29. Raidho- rune for “growth”
  30. Ratatoskr- a squirrel that runs up and down Yggdrasil and causes trouble
  31. Rota- Valkyrie, meaning unknown
  32. Rune- the language itself makes a great name!
  33. Skuld- one of the Norns, who decides what shall be
  34. Sleipnir- Odin’s 8-legged horse
  35. Tiwaz- the “victory” rune
  36. Uruz- rune for strength of will
  37. Verdandi- the “what is coming into being” Norn
  38. Wyrd – the “past” or “fate” Norn
  39. Yggdrasil- the World Tree
  40. Ymir-a giant and the very first being

I hope you found the perfect Norse mythology name for your pet! Obviously, my favorite is Freya, since that’s my dog’s name. I also really love Loki. If those are a bit too common for you, though, I think Beyla or Hodur are both really cute, though.

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With a dog named Freya, it's clear that I love using Norse mythology names for my pets. Check out 82 of my favorites inspired Norse deities, creatures, & more!

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