From gods and goddesses to epic heroes to incredible creatures, there’s no shortage of inspiration when it comes to Greek mythology names for pets!

Most people know about the 12 Greek gods and goddesses from Mount Olympus, but did you know that there are hundreds more deities in Greek mythology?

I divided these up into the different categories of deities, starting with the Primordials (since they started everything themselves). Use the table of contents to jump around, or just browse the entire list.


Primordial Gods & Goddesses Names

The Primordials came before everything. In fact, they kind of are everything! Here are my favorites.

  1. Aion:  eternity
  2. Chronos: time
  3. Erebus: darkness and shadow
  4. Eros: love
  5. Gaia: Earth (mom to the Titans)
  6. Hemera: day
  7. Hypnos: sleep
  8. Nemesis: retribution
  9. Nesoi: islands
  10. Nyx: night
  11. Ourea: mountains
  12. Pontus: the sea (before Poseidon came along)
  13. Tartarus: the deep dark underworld
  14. Thalassa: she personifies the sea.
  15. Thanatos: death
  16. Uranus: the heavens (dad to the Titans)

Nyx and Erebus are the coolest Greek mythology names ever for a black cat or dog, don’t you think?

Beautiful black cat with bright yellow eyes staring at the camera

Names Inspired by Greek Titans

  1. Coeus: Intellect
  2. Cronus: Harvests, destructive time. (Different from Chronos, fyi)
  3. Hyperion: Light
  4. Iapetus: Mortality
  5. Phoebe: Intellect and prophecy
  6. Rhea: Fertility and motherhood
  7. Tethys: Fresh water goddess
  8. Theia: Sight and blue skies
  9. Themis: The “law and order” goddess
  10. Asteria: Falling stars
  11. Atlas: Endurance (he carried the heavens on his shoulders)
  12. Helios: Sun & promises
  13. Selene: The moon
  14. Eos: Dawn
  15. Leto: Also a goddess of motherhood
  16. Metis: Good advice and craftiness.
  17. Prometheus: Forethought. He also gave us fire and get credit for creating humans.

Out of these, Asteria is my favorite. It’s so pretty and mystical!


Major Greek Gods and Goddesses Names

These are the 14 that pretty much everyone knows. Most of them have dominion over more than what’s listed below, but these are the things for which they’re best-known.

  1. Aphrodite: love, beauty, desire
  2. Apollo: music, arts, knowledge
  3. Ares: war, courage
  4. Artemis: hunt, animals, the moon
  5. Athena: wisdom, skill, warfare
  6. Demeter: harvest, agriculture, growth
  7. Dionysus: wine, parties, madness
  8. Hades: the Underworld and the dead
  9. Hephaestus: fire, metalworking, and crafts.
  10. Hera: Queen of the gods, women, marriage, childbirth
  11. Hermes: travel, trade, language
  12. Hestia: hearth and home.
  13. Poseidon: sea and rivers.
  14. Zeus: King of the gods, sky, weather, lightning.

I’ve always loved Demeter. She seems to be the kindest and gentlest among the major Greek deities. As far as pet names go, though, I really like Artemis or Hermes. I think Hermes would be a good name for a fast dog!

Greek Mythology Names Inspired by Other Deities

I was going to call these “lesser deities,” but some of them were actually pretty important to different areas of ancient Greece. So let’s just go with “other.” They’re broken down into four major categories: underworld, sea, sky, and rustic (earthy deities).


  1. Angelos: one of Zeus’ and Hera’s daughters
  2. Charon: the Ferryman
  3. Erebos: darkness
  4. Hecate :  magic & witchcraft, ghosts, the moon
  5. Aiakos: one of the judges of the dead
  6. Macaria: blessed death
  7. Melinoe daughter of Persephone and Zeus.
  8. Minos: once a king, now he casts the final vote when judging the dead
  9. Persephone: queen of the underworld, Demeter’s daughter
  10. Thanatos: god of death
  11. Zagreus: hunting and rebirth


  1. Alpheus: a river god.
  2. Amphitrite: Poseidon’s wife
  3. Brizo: goddess sailors
  4. Ceto : goddess of of sea monsters
  5. Glaucus: god of fishermen
  6. Leucothea: a goddess who helped sailors
  7. Nereus: god of the sea’s fish bounty
  8. Scamander: a river god (a good Harry Potter pet name, too)


  1. Alectrona: goddess of the morning
  2. Arke: she was the Titan’s messenger
  3. Astraios: god of planets and astrology
  4. Aura:  goddess of the breezy, cool air
  5. Boreas: a north wind and winter god
  6. Chione: goddess of snow
  7. Electra: one of the goddesses of the star cluster Pleiades
  8. Ersa:  goddess of morning dew
  9. Iris: goddess of rainbows
  10. Maia: a very nurturing Pleiades goddess & mom to Hermes
  11. Notus: a south wind god
  12. Zephyrus: a west wind god

Rustic deities (gods of forests, mountains, and other earthy nature elements)

  1. Aetna – goddess Mount Etna
  2. Britomartis – goddess of hunting and trapping.
  3. Chloris – goddess of flowers.
  4. Corymbus – god of ivy fruits and a good pal to Dionysus
  5. Cybele – a mother goddess
  6. Hecaterus – god of the hekateris dance
  7. Khariklo- Chiron’s (the centaur) wife, daughter of Apollo
  8. Pan – god of the wild, music, and hunting
  9. Silenus – god of dance (another friend of Dion’s)
  10. Zagreus – god of the Orphic mysteries.

Persephone has always been my favorite Greek goddess, but as far as names go, I really love Maia. I named my Lab/Collie (below) after the goddess. She, too, was very nurturing and motherly. She passed away a few years ago (she was 15) and I miss her every day.

Pet Names From Creatures in Greek Mythology

There are countless creatures in Greek mythology. The giants alone could fill this entire post.

  1. Acanthis -a bird
  2. Actaeon- not a creature, but known for his dogs
  3. Aello- one of the Harpies
  4. Aethon – one of Ares’ horses
  5. Agrius- centaur
  6. Alcyoneus-giant.
  7. Alectryon – good name for a rooster
  8. Amalthea- a goat, and Zeus’ foster mom
  9. Aphros- a marine Centaur
  10. Arachne
  11. Arion- perfect horse name
  12. Argus- giant with 100 eyes
  13. Athos- giant
  14. Agrius- centaur
  15. Asbolus- centaur
  16. Amycus- centaur
  17. Balius – one of Achilles’ horses
  18. Boreas- one of the horses that pulls Zeus’ chariot
  19. Brontes -one of the Cyclops
  20. Cerberus- Hades’ three-headed dog
  21. Cerastes -perfect name for a snake!
  22. Ceto- a sea monster
  23. Charon- River Styx ferryman who transports the dead to the Underworld.
  24. Chiron- one of the most famous centaurs, he trained Heracles
  25. Chimera
  26. Corvus- Apollo’s crow
  27. Chthonius- great for a giant-breed dog
  28. Cycnus- a swan
  29. Damarchus- a werewolf
  30. Damysus- the fastest giant, so a great Greyhound name!
  31. Delphin- a dolphin
  32. Dinus= one of Poseidon’s immortal horses
  33. Dryad
  34. Enyo- one of the Graeae sisters
  35. Euryale- a Gorgon who could kill with her scream, so it’s perfect for a loud pet!
  36. Gerana- Hera turned her into a crane
  37. Geryon- another giant
  38. Gryphon
  39. Hippodamia – a lark
  40. Kobaloi- a trickster spirit
  41. Konabos – another one of Ares’ horses
  42. Ladon- a dragon
  43. Laelaps- great female hunting or sighthound dog name!
  44. Lamia- a vampiric daemon
  45. Maera-Erigone’s dog
  46. Medusa- the most famous of the Gorgons
  47. Notos- another of Zeus’ chariot-pulling horses
  48. Orion- he was a giant huntsman
  49. Orthrus- Cerebus’ two-headed brother
  50. Ouroboros- another great snake name!
  51. Philomela – a swallow
  52. Pholus- a centaur friend to Heracles.
  53. Procne – a nightingale bird
  54. Scylla
  55. Siren
  56. Thoon- yet another giant (there sure were a lot of them!)
  57. Tityos- you guessed it, another giant!
  58. Xanthus – horse belonging to Achilles

Greek Heroes, Important Women, & Other Mortals

Gods, goddesses and magical creatures aren’t the only source for good Greek mythology names for pets. There are hundreds of mere mortals (or half-mortals) who did some truly impressive things! Again, I divided these up into categories that made sense to me.

Heroes & Kings

  1. Achilles: hero of the Trojan War 
  2. Ajax: both the Great and Lesser Ajax were Trojan war heroes
  3. Amycus: a son of Poseidon
  4. Bellerophon hero who killed the Chimera
  5. Castor: of Castor and Pollux, he was the mortal twin
  6. Codrus: an Athens king
  7. Creon: a Corinthian who’s claim to fame is that he was decent to Jason and Medea
  8. Daedalus: he made the labyrinth 
  9. Gelanor: a king of Argos
  10. Ganymede: a Trojan hero and cup-bearer to the gods
  11. Hector: Trojan war hero
  12. Heracles: Greek equivalent of Hercules
  13. Icarus: son of Daedalus, he flew too close to the sun
  14. Jason: he was the leader of the Argonauts
  15. Meleager: an Argonaut
  16. Midas: the king who turned everything he touched to gold
  17. Nestor: a king and one of the Argonauts
  18. Odysseus : hero who inspired Homer’s Odyssey
  19. Orpheus: he’s best known for his journey to the Underworld to bring back his wife
  20. Perseus: demigod who killed Medusa
  21. Theseus: demigod who killed the Minotaur

Important Women in Greek Mythology

  1. Aegea: a queen of the Amazons
  2. Andromeda:  wife of Perseus who became a constellation
  3. Antigone: daughter of Oedipus
  4. Antiope: Ares’ daughter and an Amazon
  5. Arachne: a weaver that Athena turned into a spider
  6. Ariadne: helped Theseus beat the Minotaur
  7. Asteria: one of the Amazons killed by Heracles
  8. Atalanta: helped hunt the Calydonian boar and find the Golden Fleece
  9. Cassandra: she saw the future, but no one believed her
  10. Cassiopeia: a queen and the mother of Andromeda
  11. Danaë: Perseus’ mom
  12. Electra: daughter of Agamemnon and Clytemnestra
  13. Helen: the face that launched a thousands ships
  14. Hermione: Helen’s daughter
  15. Hippolyta: another queen of Amazons, sister to Antiope
  16. Medusa: once a beautiful mortal, turned into a Gorgon by spiteful Athena.
  17. Myrina: another Amazon queen
  18. Otrera: Amazon queen and mom to Hippolyta
  19. Pandora: the first woman ever
  20. Penelope : Odysseus’ wife
  21. Phaedra: Theseus’ wife
  22. Thrace: Oceanus’ daughter

I hope you found something amazing from this massive list of Greek mythology names! If you’re just in the planning stage of adopting a new pet, pin this post for later. 😀

From gods and goddesses to epic heroes to incredible creatures, there are so many awesome ideas for Greek mythology names for pets! Check out my favorites!

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What are your favorite Greek mythology names for pets? I’d love to hear from you!

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