About Us

Welcome to Name 4 Pets. It’s a bit of an awkward website name, I know, but all of the other names I considered were taken. 😀

So, what is this site about? I feel like that’s pretty obvious, but just in case it’s about…wait for it…names for pets. ALL pets. Cats, dogs, guinea pigs, reptiles,  parrots, or even octopi- if you can love them, I’ll help you name them. 

In my lifetime, I’ve personally named nine of my own cats (plus a slew of feral felines), four dogs, two guinea pigs, an iguana, and a bunch of fish. I’ve also owned parrots, hermit crabs, yet more fish, a hamster (he came already named, the kids I babysat gave him to me after their cat tried to eat him for the 50th time), and probably a few others that I’m forgetting. I’ve had a lot of furry, feathered, finned and scaly friends over the years. 

I’ll tell you a bit more about myself in just a second. For now, I just want to quickly call attention to that pretty girl over there to the right. She’s my Pharaoh Hound, and her name is Freya (after the Norse goddess). 


Freya is a Pharaoh Hound dog

About Nicole

I am notoriously awful at these “tell me a bit about yourself” things, so bear with me. Although this site is relatively new, I’ve spent the better part of my life writing. Over a decade ago, I launched my first site (and to this day, still my main site), Pretty Opinionated. I’ve worked with dozens of websites over the years, providing content both under my own name and as ghostwritten content. 

I’m passionate about animals in general, but I especially love writing about pets. I spent nearly a decade writing and editing content for several pet-related sites. When that gig ended, I decided to finally stop selling all of my best content to other people and start building my own mini empire. 😀 Along with Name 4 Pets, I recently launched My Crazy Cat Life, where I’ll share everything I’ve learned over the last 25 years of cat ownership. 

That about covers it! I mean, I guess I could tell you about my hobbies and what not, but do you REALLY want to know what I do in my spare time? I didn’t think so!

Oh, if you want to reach me for any reason, feel free to contact me at [email protected].


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